Subverting fertile sex, celebrating infertile sex, and ushering in the NWO


God commanded and loves fertile sex between mature and responsible males and females.  God wants men and women to lovingly bring forth saints to spend an eternity in Heaven.

Satan hates what God loves.  Hence, Satan commands infertile sex between males and females, males and males, and females and females – and doesn’t give a damn if they’re mature and responsible.  Satan wants scoundrels to suffer an eternity in Hell.

This helps to explain why Judge Roy Moore is being pilloried by the media for courting 17 year old girls as a young man, while the same media lauds and celebrates the recently released film “Call Me by Your Name”, which is about an older man having sterile sex with a 17 year old boy:

After a few more years of desensitizing the masses, Hollywood will “continue to explore nuance and test limits” and happily lower the boys age to 14 or 15 and, in keeping with NAMBLA’s ultimate goal, eventually to 8 or 10.

At that point we would have slid down the slippery slope from the old progressive “wisdom” of 1987 – that sex should be safe and consensual between a man and woman – to  the progressive “wisdom” of the near future that sex should be between consenting people.  In my life time, I suspect that we’ll get to a final progressive ethical standard of something like: sex should be between consenting beings.  That will open the door to bestiality, necrophilia, robot sex, etc, and massive unrest and social chaos.

I’m not sure that’s the end game, though.  For Satan – and the fools who knowingly and unknowingly follow him – not only seeks to destroy God’s order, he also seeks to erect his own demonic new world order (NWO) on the ruins.  That is to say, after Satan has reduced everything to a chaotic and formless void, I suspect he will focus on building up and enforcing a new world order in his image and likeness.

And it’ll be interesting (and depressing) to see what Satanic sexual rules will look like in the NWO.  My guess is Satanic sexual law will define, regulate and punish consent and the seeking of consent in such a brutal and totalitarian fashion as to make Godly sexual ethics look wonderfully liberating by comparison.  My other guess is that Satan and his minions will seek totalitarian and “scientific” control over child birth and rearing, with children being grown in labs and indoctrinated into adulthood by the Satanic state, for the glory of the Satanic state:

Of course God has other plans …….