People are inventive


First the oligarchs and their stooges came for the automatic fire guns, as only they can be trusted with such weapons (and chemical, biological and nuclear weapons).

Then they came for scary looking semi-automatic rifles, as only they can be trusted with such weapons (and chemical, biological and nuclear weapons).

Then they came for nice looking semi-automatic rifles, as only they can be trusted with such weapons (and chemical, biological and nuclear weapons).

Then they came for scary looking semi-automatic handguns, as only they can be trusted with such weapons (and chemical, biological and nuclear weapons).

Then they came for nice looking semi-automatic handguns, as only they can be trusted with such weapons (and chemical, biological and nuclear weapons).

Then they came for all the remaining handguns and rifles, as only they can be trusted with such weapons (and chemical, biological and nuclear weapons).

Then when it looked like the people had been effectively disarmed, the people returned to their ancient roots and got inventive,


Then they came for the fidget spinners, as only they can be trusted with such weapons (and chemical, biological and nuclear weapons) ….




Countering anti-gun propaganda with pro-gun propaganda


A friend just shared some Democratic/commie party propaganda with me on guns that uses cherry picked data, tendentious definitions, and silly assumptions to “prove” that the passage of so-called common sense gun laws – many of which have been passed in Massachusetts – will save lives:

We could save 27,000 lives if all states had the Mass. gun death rate – The Boston Globe

Let’s counter their anti-gun propaganda with our own pro-gun propaganda.

Focusing on New England, and using the the figures provided by the Boston Globe on the numbers of common sense gun laws passed in each state and FBI crime data for 2015-2016, I give you some counter-propaganda in the form of the following self-explanatory graphs:






I banged out this entire post in two hours.  After all, why should I spend years doing real science when the apparatchiks at the Globe spend a few days using fancy graphics to unthinkingly promote Democratic/Communist party talking points?

Indeed, the passage of more “common sense gun laws” is a negative predictor of rape rates.  But this is an exercise in propaganda, not science, so let’s just ignore that and push on with the agenda of countering manifestly silly anti-gun propaganda with, dare I say, scientifically provocative pro-gun propaganda.

Draw what conclusion you will.

On second thought, I can’t help myself; the truth is just too important.  For some real science on the relationship between guns and crime, see the work of Dr. John Lott (it’s obvious his website was not designed by Madison Avenue to mislead the sheeple).







Hoisting the commies by their own petard


The self-righteous, post-modern, commie tyrants who presume to rule us – the East and West Coast establishment – want to disarm the common folk while surrounding themselves with armed bodyguards.  After all, average people can’t be trusted with guns; only trained experts protecting elite clients can.  The slave-master seeking to neuter and control the slave, ostensibly for his own good.  I suppose there’s nothing new under the sun.

Interestingly, the establishment and their lackeys have a penchant for inventing fake, ideological rights on the ruins of the true, natural rights they’ve destroyed.  Hence, as they trash the Bill of Rights, we hear of such palpable nonsense as a “right to education”,  a “right to health care”, and a “right not to be offended”.  Moreover, the establishment and their lackeys claim to revile inequality and seek its elimination. When queried as to the cost of providing synthetic rights and eliminating stubborn inequities, the answer is always the same: some undifferentiated group of “rich people” will pay for it all.  Finally, the elites and their minions love to radicalize and exploit the young to advance their nefarious agenda, often in the form of organized protests and school walkouts.

Taken together, the preceding leads me to recommend a new right – a right to armed bodyguards for all Americans.  The right will be paid for by “rich people” and will eliminate the vile inequity and hypocritical spectacle of elites like Bernie, Hillary and Cuomo enjoying the protection of armed bodyguards while simultaneously seeking to disarm the people.  It goes without saying that students from across the nation will walkout from school for however many minutes reflect the security inequality between Hillary and the average homeless person.  No doubt, once implemented, the new right will force prospective school shooters to seriously consider the relative odds of success at attacking a gun free zone versus a school zone occupied by hundreds of heavily armed former green berets.

That’s called hoisting a commie by its* own petard.

Now, why, despite it’s obvious brilliance, won’t any of this get done or even mentioned? That is to say, why can the commies efficiently organize school walkouts and protests to support their evil agenda but conservatives can’t do something similar to support their good agenda?  Put more simply, why won’t conservative leaders help this kid out with his pro-life walkout?  Three viable reasons come to mind: our so-called conservative leaders are not really conservative, are dumb, or are spineless sissies. Another possibility is they’re wolves in sheep’s clothing.  But sorting that out is a matter for another post.  Until then, demand your right to common sense armed and trained security for all – to be paid for be the very elites who seek to enslave you.



*I used “its” because I am not sure what pronoun to use for commies and their fellow travelers in this age of gender insanity.



Love thy body


Here’s a good way to think about our present plight.  There are two fundamental options: individualism and collectivism.

Individualism starts with the assumption that man is a unified and sacred being with inherent worth and dignity and that nature and nature’s God has endowed man with absolute rights and responsibilities.  On this view, the function of the state is to discover and protect absolute rights rights and responsibilities.  This is the view that undergirded the American Founding; this is the view of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Collectivism starts with the assumption that man is a fragmented and and banal being with relative worth and dignity and that man and man alone invents privileges and duties.  On this view, the function of the state is to create and impose arbitrary privileges and duties.  This is the view that undergirded the French, Bolshevik, and Nazi revolutions; this is the view of the Communist Manifesto, Humanist Manifesto I and II, and the various charters of the United Nations.

The post-modern west has all but rejected individualism and is rapidly sliding into collectivism.

To dive deeper into the scientific, philosophical and theological issues surrinding the individualist and collectivist world views, be sure to watch this important talk by Nancy Pearcey, author of “Love Thy Body”:



The deliberate campaign to degrade and enslave free humanity


The self-anointed elite – who dominate the big banks, government, media, multi-national corporations, and educational system – are sociopaths who mean to do us, the common folk, harm.  They aim to first degrade us and ultimately enslave us.  Put differently, they aim to, first, strip away everything that gives life meaning – our humanity, sexuality, race, ethnicity, and nationality; all that will remain is a residue of undifferentiated, naked and helpless individuals as mere workers – a resource to be mined and exploited.  After that they shall endeavor to breed, work, and kill us as farm animals or worker bees – as they explore the stars as trans-human demi-gods.

Dear reader, what the heck do you think contraception, sterilization, abortion, euthanasia, and in vitro fertilization are all about?  These are the tools and methods of the veterinarian and animal breeder, not the Hippocratic trained medical doctor.

Indeed, the elites are presently destroying and building in parallel – and openly boasting about it – as they march us toward their godless new world order.  Basically, they are working to undo God’s creation – man and woman as the Imago Dei – and impose their own creation – breeding, working, and killing worthless workers.

They make movies about it.  They write books about it.  They give speeches about it.  They’ve implemented their plans at home and abroad.  Tragically, too few of us pay attention, take it seriously, and fight it with the appropriate tools.

And the latest outburst of their villainous plot against free humanity: making a human-chimp hybrid to supposedly prove once and for all that there’s nothing special about man:

What a bunch of nut jobs.  Unfortunately for us, they’re nut jobs with money, influence and power.  For more on the backstory to the present darkness,  take the time to listen to this interview with Dr. Richard Weikart:

Happily, it’s only a question of time before the one true God slaps these morons down.





More independent reporting and analysis about the Florida shooting


As I blogged about previously, two Florida teachers are saying they thought some of the early gunshots they heard were part of a drill (that involved the use of blanks) and that at least one shooter was in full police tactical gear.  This doesn’t fit the MSM gun control narrative.  Be sure to watch the below videos before they get taken down:

It’s also becoming increasingly clear that the student centered gun control media campaign being pushed by the MSM is being orchestrated from behind the scenes by the usual globalist freaks: