The Red Century, as told by the NY Times


Our Lady appeared at Fatima in 1917.  The Bolshevik revolution was launched in 1917.

Do you think America’s so-called paper of record (The NY Times) would do a 100th anniversary series on Our Lady of Fatima and the “errors of Russia” that she warned about?


Instead, they do a 100th anniversary series that all but celebrates Communism and the legacy of the Russian Revolution – the very errors Our Lady warned us about.  If you can stomach them, you can read the articles here:

Could you imagine the NY Times running a comparable series entitled “The NAZI Century”?  Don’t make me laugh.

Anyhow, as the Times and their fellow travelers rewrite history to celebrate Marx, Lenin and Trotsky, they rewrite history to disparage Washington, Jefferson, and Lee.  It’s all about the “narrative“, and it’s quite the spectacle.

Anyhow, enjoy the show as Russia continues to spread her errors, with the full support of America’s paper of record.




Radical feminism and sexual liberation in the west – communism in slow motion


I just love it when so-called progressives and liberals publicly admit to the socialism/communism that truly inspires them and that they seek to impose, especially when it’s in the form of something like a “mainstream” NY Times article:

Look at how happy that “liberated” and “independent” woman is working as a forced laborer in total “equality” with the men who line up to screw her every night and give her the unmatched “pleasure” of an extra socialist orgasm every month!

Be sure to read the whole (very painful) article:

Why Women Had Better Sex Under Socialism



It’s a fight to the end and Jesus demands that you pick a side


A concerned and somewhat perplexed Catholic recently shared the following email with me,

“Supposedly these authors are close to Pope Francis. I’m curious why Church leaders are so concerned with the threat from Trump, walls, and global climate change, and yet so silent when it comes to homosexual marriage and transgender issues to name a few.”

My somewhat inspired (but quick, rough and inchoate) reply is provided below:

Dear …

I am familiar with the article.  Nothing surprises me anymore, and I think we are beyond the point of rational debate and using purely natural and human means to turn things around.  It’s time to worry about and focus on our own souls and eternal destinies and those of the people we know and love.

The Church has been infiltrated by cultural Marxists and other assorted left wing revolutionaries and is being subverted from within.  The plot traces back to the Masons, Illuminati, and French Revolutionaries.  In the 19th century, an updated version of the plot called the “Permanent Instructions of the Alta Vendita” was discovered and exposed, and Pope Leo XIII told of a vision he had in which he heard God say he would give Satan 100 years of free reign to do his best to destroy the Church.  In the 1950s, one time communist Dr. Bella Dodd gave testimony to congress about the plot and revealed that one thousand revolutionaries had been placed within the hierarchy of the Church with the goal of corrupting it and tearing it down from within.  From the 1960s on, clerical apostles of the revolutionary socialist Saul Alinsky spread the contagions of error and confusion throughout the church and society at large.  Wikileaks exposed the role the Democratic party is playing in surreptitiously fomenting rebellion within the Church and advancing the plot today.  Catholic colleges and universities have officially adopted, under the guise of “social justice”, the cultural marxist agenda, with one hundred of them making a list of “gay friendly Catholic Colleges and Universities”.

None of this should be entirely surprising, as St. Paul warned of false teachers “tickling” the ears of the people (2 Timothy 4:3) and St. Matthew warned of false prophets as ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothing (Matthew 7:15-16).  In fact, St. Paul’s and St. Matthew’s prophetic warnings should give us comfort, as it reminds us that God is sovereign over all things.  Having said that, it’s a hard time to be a faithful Catholic or even a rational person, as today’s zeitgeist definitely weighs heavily on the rightly ordered soul.

Good is being taught as evil and evil taught as good.  The latest insanity – people being brainwashed, within an incredibly short period of time, into accepting that men are women and women are men.  It’s only a matter of time before society goes full Orwell and people are indoctrinated into confessing that 2+2=5.  Reality is under sustained and coordinated attack.

With the above in mind, it’s interesting to note that we are approaching the 100th anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima.  I suspect some interesting things are going to happen.  But no matter what happens, there can be no doubt that God will continue to guide the faithful through the storm he providentially controls.

Like we were discussing yesterday, Catholicism is either the greatest story ever told or the greatest fraud in history.  The church is either the ultimate blessing from God or the vilest curse from man.  Black or white, light or dark, true or false, good or evil, beautiful or ugly.  There’s no middle ground.  That’s why Jesus puts the question of his divinity to everyone (Mark 8:29), challenges everyone to pick a side and act accordingly (Matthew 10:35, Luke 11:23, and Matthew 7:13), and warns of vomiting out the lukewarm (Revelation 3:16).

Cafeteria Catholicism is incoherent and damnable.  The battle among the visible and invisible (Ephesians 6:12) is raging, and it’s time to pick aside and join the fight.

As for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord (Joshua 24:15), with supreme confidence that Jesus defeated death on the cross (2 Timothy 1:10), that the gates of hell will never prevail against the rock that is His Church (Matthew 16:18), and that Jesus will preside over the final harvest (Matthew 13 36:43).



Selected sources:

Cultural Marxism,

The Poison Killing Us, Cultural Marxism,

John Salza on Freemasonry,

Terry Melanson on the Illuminati,

John Vennari on the Permanent Instructions of the Alta Vendita,

Joe Tremblay on the 100 year test,

Alice Von Hilde Brand on Bella Dodd and the recruitment of 1,100 comminists to infiltrate Catholic seminaries,

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing,

Deacon Nick Donnelly on the Democratic Party plot against the Church,

Deacon Nick Donnelly on the Our Lady’s battle with Freemasonry,

Lisa Bourne on 100 gay friendly Catholic colleges,

Orwell 1984 on 2 + 2 = 5,

The Holy Bible,

Like Trump said, we’re being plundered by the elite


In 1989 I knew a 50 year old senior engineer who earned about $89,000 per year.  His salary supported a family of four in a custom built home, in an expensive town, in an expensive state.  His oppressed wife pursued an education and career at her leisure to make extra spending money.  Of particular importance, his gross monthly income was about 10x his mortgage payment (house built in 1976).

By way of comparison, a senior engineer today (2017) would be lucky if he made $160,000 per year.  That’s about $13,000 per month.  The lowest mortgage payment for a similar custom built home in the same town would be about $2,900 per month (house built in 2004).  That means our 2017 senior engineer’s gross monthly salary would be about 4.5x his mortgage payment.  Not surprisingly, his liberated and empowered wife – hyphenated name an all –  has no choice but to work.

A friend tells me that he knew an electrician who lived in the same expensive town at the same time who also brought in a salary that was about 10x his mortgage payment.  His poor oppressed wife also worked at her leisure.

By any reasonable measure, today’s workers are more productive than the workers of the 1989.  According to standard economic theory, productivity increases should translate into the basic necessities of life being more affordable, not less affordable.

Something gives.  What is it?

The short story is we’re being plundered by a predatory elite.  They’re basically stealing from us through currency manipulation, fiscal and regulatory machinations, insider deals, globalist trade policies, and corporate welfare.  They’re masters at robbing us blind for our own alleged good.  For details, take the time to study thinkers such as Dr. Ron Paul, Dr, Murray Rothbard, G. Edward Griffin, Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo, Robert Kiyosaki, Dr. Thomas Woods, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, David Stockman, Peter Schiff, and Dr. Robert P. Murphy.

Trump spoke about this during the election and that’s one of the main reasons folks voted for him,

It’s also one of the main reasons the elites are out to get him.

Time will tell ……








Republicans, Democrats and the MSM can agree quickly and quietly when it comes to war


Predictably, after a long, public and MSM managed discussion the idiot Republican party just couldn’t muster the votes to repeal Obama care, and the evil Democratic party just couldn’t figure out a way to compromise.  Rather, John McCain, recently diagnosed with brain cancer, like Ted Kennedy before him, cast the deciding vote to save Obama care, in dramatic fashion.

Hence, the country takes another giant step in the direction of centralized and arbitrary command and control –  the essence of the new world order – and the Devil once again proves he’s a great stage director.

But the Republican party has no problem mustering votes when it comes to passing unilateral acts of war.  Indeed, with no public debate and under cover of a near total MSM blackout, the Republicans just voted overwhelmingly for sanctions against Russia.  And unlike the case with health care, the Democrats had no problem coming on board in just as decisive a fashion.

Hence, the country takes another giant step in the direction of war with Russia and the new world order, and the Devil once again proves he’s sly as a fox.

Not surprisingly, the MSM has also failed to seriously cover other acts of brutality committed by the US and its vassals:

The most under-reported world stories so far this year, by Dr. Chuck Baldwin

Somewhat surprisingly, President Trump was quick to sign and accept the sanctions bill, despite the total collapse of the “Russians hacked our democracy” nonsense – something the MSM refuses to seriously cover:

See American Pravda (parts 1, 2, and 3), by Project Veritas

Pulitzer-Prize Winning Reporter: FBI Report Shows It Was Seth Rich – Not Russians – Who Gave DNC Emails to Wikileaks

Has Seymour Hersh debunked ‘Russia-gate’, by Justin Raimondo

Hence, It looks as if the Trump peace and nationalist agenda, if it ever existed, is effectively dead.

It might be time to start getting ready for war:

Trump will now become the war president, by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts





Washington run everything


Progressives – otherwise known as neo-Marxist destroyers of civilization – want Washington to run health care.  By implication, for the next 4-8 years a man they think of as a Nazi, Donald Trump, would have the power to coercively micromanage everyone’s health care, including their own.  One would think that alone would get progressives to re-think their fanatical commitment to surrendering to Washington a coercive monopoly over the entire health care system.  Unfortunately, one would be wrong.

How, then, to get progressives to think critically about Washington run health care and alternatives to it?

Maybe pointing out that Washington run health care justifies Washington run everything will get them to reconsider their assumptions.

Consider that food, water, housing, energy, transportation, and education are of more fundamental importance than health care.  Everyone of these goods is upstream from health care; everyone of them is of foundational importance.  Moreover, they include big ticket items, the potential for unexpected catastrophes, and pervasive inequalities.  Hence, if Washington run health care is justified it seems to follow that Washington run food, water, housing, energy, transportation, and education is justified as well.

Heck, it can even be convincingly argued that vacation, recreation, and leisure are more important than health care, especially since they can help keep people out of the health care system.  Hence, Washington’s control over vacation, recreation, and leisure is justified as well.

It looks like putting Washington in control over just about every meaningful area of life is justified.

But, hey, what could possibly go wrong with giving Washington, from which there is practically no appeal and no escape, final and coercive control over every important area of life?

Now, to a mind undamaged by progressive ideology, the absurd conclusion of putting Washington in charge of everything would, at the very minimum, force a critical re-examination of fundamental assumptions.  Such a mind might even take the time to actually read thinkers like Aristotle, Augustine, Aquinas, Hooker, Burke, Madison, Acton, Von Mises, Hayek, Rothbard and the like.

But the progressive mind, held captive by silly ideological slogans, doubles down and embraces absurdity.

But I suppose everything will be fine … at least until all those stupid, red state, homophobic, racist, sexist, and deplorable fascists vote the next Nazi into the White House.

Hmm … what to do?

I have the answer!  Let’s put a global government in charge of everything!

That’ll solve all our problems ….



So-called progressives can’t think past their self-righteous noses


In the end you will either worship and follow the God-man or you will worship and follow the man-god.  You will die in submission to God’s reality or in rebellion against it and will be judged accordingly.  So-called progressives openly worship at the altar of the creature and are in full and manifest rebellion against the Creator.  The latest rebellion is against male and female.

Comically, neo-Marxist progressives are so unthinking in their rebellion, more rational people like Tucker Carlson have to point out the absurd implications of their false premises, obvious implications which aren’t even on the progressive radar.  That’s how smug and unthinking these people are.  They don’t even think through their own ideas.

Watch the video interview below about so-called gender fluidity and gender choice for proof of this.  Watch how the pretty, I mean ugly, I mean non-binary, woman, I mean human, I mean entity gets all confused when Tucker asks her the obvious question about extending gender choice insanity to include race,

Such an obvious corollary.  Yet it’s equally obvious she hasn’t given it a moments thought.  I guess in a progressive society we just have to wait to see how the oligarchs make things progress.

These, dear reader, are the useful idiots who are destroying natural and Godly order – and true human freedom and happiness – and paving the way for demonic and synthetic order – total human degradation and slavery.

Incidentally, it’s only a matter of time – maybe ten years if current trends continue – before the blonde entity is telling us that parents and children should be “free” to choose their species.  It’s all right there in the false starting assumptions.

I often wondered what happens to a society in which the reductio ad absurdum looses all it’s force.  Well, we have a front seat to the show, and I don’t think it ends well.




Republicans and “approved” conservatives never cease to disappoint


Principled conservative, classical liberal, and libertarian voters can always count on the Republican party and respectable “conservatives” to screw them over.  From abortion, to gay “marriage”, to women in combat, to rolling back corporate welfare, to reigning in the surveillance and police state, to pursuing a just, humble and constitutional foreign policy, Republican party hacks and gelded “conservatives” always disappoint in the end.  It’s almost as if they’re there to play the Washington Generals to the Democrat Globetrotters.

The latest Republican party betrayal is health care.  Even the terms of the so-called debate that Republicans and cocktail party “conservatives” happily agree to are fixed to guarantee a neo-Marxist outcome – how is the Federal government going to provide access to insurance for more Americans (incidentally, the term “insurance” has been subtly redefined to mean corporate welfare third party entity, subject to arbitrary government regulations and quotas, rationing care and paying all medical bills as you attempt to receive care).

With debate terms like that, good luck talking about improving health care quality, access, affordability, outcomes, and prices through just market exchange, private charity, and local safety nets.

And you can always count on a National Review “conservative” to oblige his progressive masters and move the public dialogue to the hard left, all the while branding it “conservative”,

Never forget this Republican voter.  The Republicans had no problem voting to repeal Obamacare when they knew Obama would veto it.  Now, knowing President Trump will sign off on repeal, they just can’t bring themselves to vote in the exact same way.

The Washington Generals loose again.  My guess is they’ll loose the next game, too.




It’s full throttle on the sexualization of young people


The demon possessed oligarchs and their minions in the deep state, academia, politics and media are diligently paving the way for “P” ( for pedophilia/pederasty) to be appended to LGBTQ.  It’s only a question of time and tactics.  The perverts are coming after your kids, all in the name of “tolerance” of course.  And if you doubt this dear reader, be sure to read about “Teen Vogue” actively, approvingly and graphically coaching impressionable teens in anal sex,

Sick and twisted.  The right becoming wrong and the wrong becoming right.  The deliberate inversion of the good, true, and beautiful.  An all out attack against the Creator and his creatures.  That about summarizes the plot against normalcy and decency.